Our New New York Studio

At laaaaast!!

Hell Yes! It feels great to be back home in our digs, though it’s hard to recognize the place after the renovation.

LOVING the new old place… it’s got everything that a swanky design studio needs including (but not limited to) a stylishly placed fixed-gear bicycle, obscure desk ornaments, a typewriter (used once) and a hand-built, silk-screened ping-pong table.  Damn we love that ping-pong table.

Come by and say hello.  That’s if you can get past the rock and roll security – for those of you who don’t know, the Vault49 studio is the original recording studio of Kiss (yep, THAT Kiss). There was half a hope to find some rock and roll gold underneath the floorboards and walls as they were ripped up, but alas no black and white catsuits.