Screen Printed Ping Pong Table

Making us look good while we play bad

While our offices were being renovated we were graciously taken within the loving abode of Yext, our delightful client across the park from us.

As fate would have it, we were located in the glorified ping pong room of their sprawling offices. Using careful scientific research, we determined a few key things:

– studies are right, having access to games really does improve creative focus

– Yext are amazing

– we desperately need to improve our ping pong paddle skills

Vault49’s top 10 lined up against the Yext top 10 to celebrate the joining of our two companies, and we generously suffered a complete and humiliating studio drubbing on the ping pong table.

While tempted to resort to cheating and violence, we figured we should instead lovingly craft our own ping pong table and stack the odds in our favor.

Behold, the new Vault49 ping pong table, crafted from three enormous butchers blocks biscuit-joined together and threaded with iron bars for stability.  Then add plumbing pipe legs, and most deliciously a custom silk-screened top which was then finished with 8 layers of tung oil for the perfect surface.

We then angled the visiting opposition side 9 degrees downhill. Bring it on…