Vault49 Goes Glamping

Our late summer retreat

Vault49 has changed a lot over recent years.  Our team has grown, we have a revamped studio, the range of creative work we’re doing is broader than ever before… and so much more.

Yet what is more satisfying than all of this is what hasn’t changed. We’ve got a really great team full of decent people who get on with each other, look out for each other, and enjoy turning up to the studio to hang out just as much as to get sh*t done.  We’re proud of the work, but more than that we’re proud of the manner that we go about producing it – with passion, integrity, and with a lot of piss-taking out of each other.

At the end of the summer we took a few days out of the working week to head to upstate New York and the Catskill mountains (yes, there is a LOT of countryside in NY). The whole crew, no exceptions – car loads of designers on the drive upstate guarding a van stacked with booze, bacon, and marshmallows as if it were a presidential convoy.

No cellular reception or internet (sorry to our lovely clients!), but lots of hiking, swimming, kayaking, charades, camping, and all on a working farm in the middle of nowhere.  Collecting our own eggs in the morning, not getting salmonella, and a prize to whoever caught the chicken and could re-enact the Mercedes ad with it.  Well done Sam.