Mahiki LIC

The world's first alcoholic popsicle

We were approached to help bring an exciting new brand to market: a collaboration between the well-established Mahiki of London and LIC and the innovative frozen alochol product of two entrepreneurs. Mahiki is a Tiki-inspired nightclub in London, hugely popular with celebrities and the global jetset. Love Iced Cocktails (LIC) was the brainchild of two graduate engineers from pioneered a way freeze alcoholic beverages.

Mahiki LIC is the world’s first premium alcoholic ice lolly (aka. popsicle). Available in two flavours – Piña Colada and Mojito – each one is equivalent to a glass of wine and packs a punch with a shot of premium rum (20ml).

Vault49 were briefed to encapsulate the essence of Mahiki and translate it into an accessible, aspirational brand which has appeal across a broad consumer base from festivals to bars and club. The product needs to have the premium feel and sophistication of Mahiki, while retaining the playfulness and personality of the company vision.

Our solution was to take inspiration from classic hawaiian reference alongside flavor cues from the product. We combined this inspiration into a bold and refreshing graphic approach applied across product packaging and POS.


  • Branding
  • Illustration
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