Adobe "WTFIT"

Turning a box of junk into creative gold

We were proud to be invited by Adobe to tackle the very first “WTFIT” creative challenge (you’ll have to google what the acronym stands for – our mums won’t let us print it).

We were told that a mystery package would be arriving – no clues to the contents – and that we were allowed to take no longer than a week to respond. A box duly arrived, delightfully packaged, filled with all manner of junk/treasure, depending on your viewpoint. We eventually saw it as treasure after a few minutes scratching our heads.

Within the box was the simple word ‘FLIGHT’ and instructions that EVERY single object provided had to be used to create the finished masterpiece, on pain of death. The full process is detailed through images above. See if you can locate all the pieces from the original package (we promise they’re there).


  • Craft
  • Illustration