Yext — Branding & Identity

Making the digital physical

A brand is not a logo or tagline.  A brand is a ‘big idea’ which speaks to people both within a company and beyond. It’s the promise on which we deliver and the personality with which we communicate. A brand should be meaningful.

The Yext brand is something special, something captivating, not only for their customers but employees and partners too. Yext is building something to take notice of – a revolution in location and geomarketing – and this ambition, personality, and vision needed to translate into the brand.

Vault49 were given the enviable task of transforming the Yext brand in line with their ambitions, while staying true to their heritage. We focused on the technological achievements of the company, balanced with a transparent and positive corporate culture.  The result is a brand of which all involved can be proud, and which speaks to something bigger than any individual or product.


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