From the streets of London to the walls of New York, the story of Vault49 is one of creative expression, craft, and collaboration.

Our Story

Vault49’s origins are in the printmaking rooms of the London College of Communication where the founders met, secretly coveting each other’s work and harboring ambitions to collaborate. It’s a story worth telling…

Vault49 has a dedicated culture of collaboration and transparency that struck me immediately. They drive clear results and follow a focused design process while maintaining a positive, down to earth vibe that was a pleasure to work with.

Tyler Gage Co-Founder & CEO, RUNA

Fifteen Years

The inspiration for Vault49 came from a creative partnership forged in that exciting melting pot of ideas to be found at college. Fifteen years on and we’re still fired up by that same dedication to the work, collaboration, and a positive creative culture.

Bringing together the next generation of craftsmen and women in an environment where there are no egos or judgments keeps us fearless in the pursuit of great ideas and executions.  We’re proud of the work that we’ve created over the last fifteen years and of the people who we’ve worked with to craft it… so we’re celebrating just that.  We are 15!



Alongside the founders, Leigh Chandler as Creative Director is responsible for setting the standard of design excellence that drives Vault49 today.

Leigh excels at developing smart, iconic, meaningful work while inspiring our creative team to follow her lead, and mentoring our next generation of craftsmen and women.

Leigh has over 15 years of experience in London and New York working for a broad range of leading global clients, specializing in brand identity, packaging and retail, events and activation.

In 2017 Leigh was welcomed as a Partner at Vault49.


Team Talents

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Mixing It Up

Our team, like our work, has always been a mix of cultures, styles, influences and interests. Not because of some cynical box-ticking exercise, but because it’s more exciting that way.

Mixing things up gives us the fresh perspective to create, innovate, understand and (ultimately) reflect the world that all of us live in.

We don’t distinguish, we don’t judge, and we remain focused on ability as the top priority regardless of any other defining characteristics.

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