We create brands and content that people love

With an emphasis on craft, humanity, and optimism, we deliver:

  • Brand transformation

    We transform brands to regain momentum. Vault49 has worked with brands to deliver pivotal changes in their positioning and has helped brands that no longer resonate to successfully recruit the next generationof consumers.

  • Brand Innovation

    We help determine competitive innovation pipelines that deliver on emerging consumer needs. Spanning from strategic brand extensions through to disruptive out-of-category opportunities, we aim to maximize recruitment and build brand salience.

  • Brand expression

    We develop content for the next generation of consumers, across the next generation of media platforms. Our multi-disciplinaryskill-set enables us to work across platforms, deliveringon the variety of content needed for today's wide-reaching campaigns.

Our process builds relationships between brands, people, and the things that bring them joy

Vault49 Creative Labs are a platform for exploration, discovery and communication for many different audiences.

Creative Labs

The origins of Vault49 are from within a ‘Creative Lab’ environment and we continue to integrate this stimulating, highly engaging and original process throughout all aspects of our work.

Our DNA as craftspeople uniquely positions us to provide authentic and exciting Creative Lab experiences that communicate a brand’s vision of creative inspiration to its various audiences: internal, trade, and consumers.

As example, we recently hosted a Creative Lab for our friends at Diageo where we explored various ways to bring to life gifting ideas for Baileys. We facilitated workshops and hosted art-making sessions to explore tactile solutions around various brand touchpoints, resulting in a three-year pipeline for packaging, seasonal gifting, retail and large scale activation for Baileys.

We have also delivered consumer-focused Creative Lab solutions for clients in London, Berlin, Rio, Seoul, and across the US.

Whether it’s a closed set or an event, Vault49 Creative Labs are an authentic, interactive, exciting way to communicate a brand’s essence of creative inspiration.

We strongly believe in the power of design in driving business performance.  

Vault49’s Creative Lab for Baileys delivered a three-year ideas pipeline, in a remarkably resource efficient and exciting way -  not to mention being great fun for all of our brand team.


Grainne Wafer Global Brand Director, Baileys at Diageo

“Vault49 bring something very special and collaborative to every project and focus on the entire creative journey. Driven by creativity, curiosity and passion, the combination of personalities, designers, illustrators, typographers and directors at Vault49 deliver work that elevates design to an art form."

Paul Woodvine Design Director, PepsiCo

What We Do

  • Brand Strategy

    We consider competitive landscape, data, and client ambition to arrive at a concise brand statement and then execute smart solutions which deliver on a clear strategy.

  • Writing

    Language is a vital part of bringing a brand to life, and we ensure that the written word is aligned with brand personality from copywriting to tag-lines.

  • Brand Architecture

    We develop actionable hierarchy for new and existing brands, and excel at translating complex data into intelligent systems that deliver brand growth.

  • Visual Identity

    We create effective visual identities, designed with intelligence. We position brands ahead of the competition with a brand aesthetic that resonates with consumers and is a clear expression of brand personality.

  • Illustration

    Our world-class creative team excels in creating visually stunning, original, and compelling illustration across multiple mediums which demands a second-look and is recognizable at a glance.

  • Packaging

    Our packaging designs are rooted in craftsmanship, strategic thinking and authenticity in connecting with consumers. We create solutions for brands which range from new-to-world to global leaders in their category.

  • Digital

    We ensure brand cohesion in the digital arena with a focus on front-end website and app design, social media integration and content creation.

  • Photo / Video

    Bringing to bear years of experience in photography, video, and animation, we craft and deliver solutions for documentary, brand installation, web and social media campaigns.

  • Experience Design

    We activate brands across platforms, always with expressive work that retains clarity of brand voice. Our creative and production team handles complex technical constraints to ensure powerful experiences.

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